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  1. Love Suffers Long is back with the first chapter of a new volume. The first chapter is Frederick's but after you have several of Anne. And a certain gentleman who can't get her off his mind.

  2. Writing is the weirdest darn thing I've ever come across. You have stories and characters crashing around in your head and when you are ready to give them space and time, they won't cooperate. When you are busy with real life, they are hammering at the door, demanding your attention. At that point, I usually stand in the shower until the water goes cold. I don't have any answers, but I'm clean at least. Happy next project.
  3. The week so far: LOUSY! I was so far down I had to watch P&P, all 5 hours. I never watch P&P. Prozac is next.

    1. Laura Hile

      Laura Hile

      I hear you. Some days are like that, and so are some weeks. P & P can cure nothing, but as an escape it helps.

    2. Susan Kaye

      Susan Kaye

      I think I may have to bring out the BIG GUNS of Alton Brown's Good Eats. Good Eats is a proven depression reliever.

  4. While a snippy exchange between sisters can be entertaining, I think the traditional "cat fight" was both ruined and defined by Arron Spelling when he had Linda Evans and Joan Collins duke it out once a year on the nighttime soap, Dynasty. The first one was classic with them tearing up Alexis Carrington's (she was the ex-wife to Crystal Carrington's current wife) loft apartment. But the best was probably when they went at it on the grounds and hurtled into a reflecting pool. Water lily pads CAN double as a hat in a pinch. I only wish Austen had written a cat fight. She was too polite and always has the heroine taking a turn about the room with the vicious little twerp who is making her life miserable. Sorry to high jack your post, just taking a turn down memory lane.
  5. Just what is the traditional gift for the 230th anniversary? Sir Walter married Elizabeth Stevenson on July 15, 1784. Going to check

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Laura Hile

      Laura Hile

      Debt, the gift that keeps on taking.

    3. Susan Kaye

      Susan Kaye

      True, and SW's debt will torpedo his children as well. Such a thoughtless man.

    4. Laura Hile

      Laura Hile

      Exactly what debt is, a torpedo. Run silent, run deep, collect interest...

  6. I've been following your adventure and am glad, as the doc said, "you're not dead yet." And when you come up with those amazing concoctions with vegetables, please share. But please don't say, "And it tastes just like..." filling in the blank with some luscious unvegetable dish. Love them for what they are, not what you wish they were. Glad you're home.
  7. I was thinking of Cinderella as well. The evil stepsisters were loping off toes--which is too close to the lengths women go these days to wear designer shoes--and all sorts of madness to snag the prince.
  8. My writing weaknesses are continuity and plotting. I don't go in for the kill. I am working to really amp up the tension in my WIP, which means ratcheting up the pressure on Frederick and eventually Anne. I don't like it, but good books are about realism. No one really lives in a fairy tale. And have you read some of those things?!? Why do we make them out to be wonderful?
  9. Too used to Monday holidays. I am completely confused today.

    1. StephH


      My husband has a four day weekend so it's completely thrown me for a loop. I keep thinking it's Sunday.

  10. When I came into the Persuasion universe in 1997, Louisa Musgrove was a genuine villainess in the eyes of many. I have never understood this. When it comes to innocence, Louisa makes Anne Elliot look like a gal who's been around the block a time or two. Louisa's a silly school girl who caught the eye of a handsome man who should have known better. Readers dislike her, I think, only because she stands between Anne and Frederick, and they tend to attribute method and motive to the younger girl. I reject all of that and write her as the simple little dunderhead I believe her to be. Laura is always pointing Anne through the valley of despair to happiness. She writes Benwick as the one who brings Anne from misery to joy. I write Frederick and Louisa as two people caught up in a disastrous marriage, but who stumble into happiness and eventual joy. And let me tell you, there were plenty of readers who thought Frederick and Louisa should be made to pay for Anne's unhappiness forever. Anyway, read as you can. Both Laura and I love our characters, and we are sympathetic to them in every way. We have tried to realistically show how life can be blown apart with one wrong move, but that it doesn't have to remain that way.
  11. I remember flying to Georgia a few days before we launched and meeting the then reigning queen of Austen fan fic, Pamela T for the first time. I told her all about what we were doing. She thought I was nuts. And a few weeks into this massive project, there were plenty on the boards who agreed. But, Laura and I had each other and when the various haters rose up, en mass to take swipes at different aspects of the story, we just wrote on. Well, after I spent a goodly amount of time yelling over the phone at her (Laura) that this was stupid and I had better things to do with my life. So, kick back and enjoy.