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  1. Just got the cover back for Georgiana Darcy, Matchmaker!!

  2. Sorry, I know I'm behind in posting, but life has gone crazy. If things give way just a little bit, I'll try to post two chapters next week.

    1. Laura Hile

      Laura Hile

      We understand crazy life! I have run to ground a few times myself. Thanks for posting for us. We will wait. :)

  3. Mistress Mary and The General is now available in paperback form on Amazon. The Kindle version should be available within 24 hours. In the meanwhile, you can read a sample here in the Sample section.

  4. So frustrated! I wanted to post the first couple chapters of my new novel which will be out within the next week, but I left the thumbdrive at home. Argh! Well, I will have it to you tomorrow. I promise!

  5. I made updates to my book, The Ball At Meryton, which are now available on Kindle--You have to go to Manage Content and send the content to your device.

    1. Laura Hile

      Laura Hile

      Thanks for the heads-up, Bronwen. Best of luck with your books.

  6. I know I dropped off the planet for a minute, but I have a new book coming out this weekend. Behind the Mask will release tomorrow on the usual sites. It has a mature theme. I am reworking The Ball At Meryton a bit so I can re-release shortly with a new cover. Just trying to make them all similar.

    1. Laura Hile

      Laura Hile

      Exciting news! Congratulations on a job well done.

  7. So, at my son's suggestion, my husband agreed that maybe I should write and publish a couple more P&P books before putting my novel out there. I'm back!! Now, which one to work on? So many ideas to choose from. Hope to be able to post something new in the next week or two.

  8. Oh, my, I did it. The Ball At Meryton has been submitted for publishing with Kindle Direct and is in review. I'm not sure how I feel right now. My first baby just left the nest.

    1. Laura Hile

      Laura Hile

      This is excellent news! Congratulations!

  9. I am so missing working on my P&P projects! The ideas keep coming and I keep jotting them down, but I am making good progress on my non-P&P novel. I will be back as soon as I can.

  10. On the first day of NaNoWriMo I... got to sleep in for the first time in over a month. When I finally decided to roll out of bed, I was able to leave the house without having to taxi any children around. (Yeah! ) After a quick trip to the bank (with a swing through the Dunkin' Donuts drive thru -- don't tell my husband since we're supposed to be trying to lose weight), I decided to stop by the local library and log about an hour on the computer sans familial interruptions. After pulling up the last two chapters of The Ball At Meryton to review and print out for my beta and the first two chapters of Sunset Ritual to rework and print out for my husband to read, the phone rang to tell me it was time to take my daughter to meet her friend. Quickly hitting the print button on my projects, I checked out and rushed home to don the imaginary chauffeur cap (I really do think I have earned one -- and it would remind me of my Duran Duran days) to deliver my daughter to IHOP. After that it was a stop at Pet Smart for cat food, UPS to drop off a package, Tractor Supply for dog food, and the farmer's market for something wholesome to put in the fridge before finally arriving home to ... write, you say? No, paint the silhouette on my daughter's wall that I traced over a month ago. (Did you notice it has been a hectic month?) After completing her legs, my hand cramped so I ... wrote? No, put the dishes away and emptied the sink into the dishwasher. Then I baked an apple cinnamon crumb cake for my husband to take to work as a thank you to his co-workers for sympathy cards they had sent me a month ago when my mother passed, then back to the silhouette. After completing everything but her head and arm, my son informed me it was time to take him to his girlfriend's house about the same time as my husband was leaving for work and my daughter arrived home. After finishing the head on the silhouette, it was back into the car and right back home where I found the cake on the kitchen counter (Oh, well, guess they'll get it tomorrow night) then back to finish the arm on the silhouette. Once completed, the obligatory picture had to be taken and posted on Facebook for everyone to ooh over. At this point there was about an hour and a half until I had to go get my son and I had a couple options: I could write, I could clean the guest room/dressing room that I keep saying I'm going to clean, or I could actually cook dinner. I played solitaire on my phone while trying to make up my mind. At 7:20, I realized I had ten minutes to get to the girlfriend's house to pick up my son and that we would probably be eating fast food for dinner (sorry, Hubby, I promise I'll try to do better). By 8:00 we were on our way home, Chic-Fil-A in hand. After we finished eating, it was back to another game of solitaire while my inner monologue began this blog. And now, once I hit post, it will be off to bed in anticipation of another chance tomorrow. But I did promise I would clean the guest bedroom/dressing room...
  11. Forgive my rambling, but I have much on my mind and thought it might help to write it out. I have been told repeatedly that every writer must have a blog, but have never known what to put in one so I did not attempt the venture. I never really understood why it was SO necessary. Thousands of authors have been published for centuries without ever having to write about their viewpoints on the odds and ends of life, but in today's "must know" society it has become a requirement. Well now I am in the midst of a conundrum that someone out there may understand and/or have words of wisdom to share, so here it goes. I have just done my final review of The Ball At Meryton before passing it off to my beta reader and critique group. This means it is on to other projects. About a week ago, a random thought entered my mind and, being in a public setting, I was unable to put it on tape. Instead, I grabbed my trusty notebook and began my scribbling. A day or two later, I needed to add to the idea and began paging through the book to find where I had stopped. In the process I was caught by the many ideas that I have for the wonderful P&P characters, some of which I had completely forgotten. Now you are thinking the problem lies in which to choose next. Unfortunately, the truth is I promised my husband I would not do another P&P alternative until I rewrite a novel I finished a year ago. My dilemma is my mind and language are stuck in 1800 King's English and my novel is set in 1988 New Jersey. To top it off, I am not ready to put Elizabeth and Darcy on a shelf. I have repeatedly told my husband that I could not work on both The Ball At Meryton and Sunset Ritual at the same time because it would be difficult to continuously switch between eras. Now I find that is exactly what I am contemplating doing. I realize I must finish my novel or it will eat at me until I do. Not to mention my husband may drive me straight to the loony bin if I don't. So, I suppose my decision is made. Thank you for listening while I worked out the direction I needed to take in the first place. Now, back to work!
  12. I started writing after I read a few books that disappointed me and my husband told me I could have done a better job. I realized I had plenty of time while waiting around at my kids' practices (football, basketball, baseball, cheer, dance, acting, singing, etc.). Shortly after that, a friend turned me on to P&P (the Colin Firth version, of course) and I was hooked. I have no idea how I avoided reading Jane Austen prior to then, but I became an immediate fan in my early 40s. Now I hav...

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    2. rainbowpromise


      I was accused of being long winded a few weeks ago. I started writing when I ran out of stories to read. I know, there are always new ones, but I mean ones without explicit scenes.

    3. Laura Hile

      Laura Hile

      Jane wrote without explicit scenes. If one needs sex to liven up a dull plot, I say it's time for the writer to go back to the drawing board and work on being clever. </snark>

    4. rainbowpromise


      Makes perfect sense, Laura. When I met P&P for the first time I was starved for fiction. I over-read.