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  1. This gets better and better. The fact that Darcy is finally taking his responsibility for Wickham's ability to continue his behaviors, is a step he has needed to take for a really long time. His inability to face his father with Wickham's treachery so blatantly obvious to the rest of the world that knew Wickham, shows Elizabeth is right in her admonishment of him being like her father. Georgiana would not be where she is right now had Wickham been handled years ago. But then, there would be no longer an excellent story to read and eventually buy!:rainbow:

    1. Jdawnking




      Thank you so much for your comment. You are 100% correct in all of this. (At least in my opinion) It bothered me from the start how much accountability Darcy would have for aiding and abetting a criminal by allowing him to continue on his course with no attempts to check him. I'm so pleased you are enjoying the story. This one is very intense for me and I find myself worn out each time I sit down to type. 


      Hugs to you!



  2. Thank you for sharing your delightful stories! 

    1. Jdawnking


      How kind of you to say so. I'm sorry I delayed my reply but we are on vacation with my grandchildren and I'm rarely online. Thanks again.