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  1. I didn't realize you were traveling by train. How romantic. :)

    1. Laura Hile

      Laura Hile

      Hi Barbara! Yes, we traveled through beautiful areas of Oregon and along unspoiled California coast. I resume teaching this week and soon will recall with wistfulness those scenic hours on the train.

  2. Please do hop over to my website... Second Act Cafe and check out my first three chapters... on Mister Darcy's Dogs. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. I did post a shout out for Beyond Austen.

    1. Laura Hile

      Laura Hile

      Nice website! :)

    2. BarbaraSilkstone



      Thank you!

  3. Laurie, I do reveal so much about myself in my writing. I've had tons of unusual adventures but I always remain lady-like. Then late at night I think of those zingers lines I should have said. I hope it's okay to post here. I'm not cleared on the author page yet. There's technical glitch. But I thought I'd share my comedy style. Love it or hate it, it's me. This scene is at the end of the second book in my Wendy Darlin Tomb Raider series, London Broil. Wendy and Professor Roger Jolley have only recently become an item. His old girlfriend / archaeologist partner whom I visualize to look much like Anna Nicole Smith has reappeared in his life. He always thought of her as his loopy cousin who needed his care. Curiously her name is Darcy Bone. She will use any trickery to insnare Roger. In this scene she has pretended to have amnesia. Cat fight alert! ~ “Dr. Sigmund is expecting you. Take the elevator to floor nine.” We walked down a long hall to a bank of steel-door elevators and rode up in silence. While the concern on Roger’s face was breaking my heart, I remained fully alert, prepared for an assortment of psychos I was sure would jump into the elevator brandishing knives. A soft ding announcing our arrival at the ninth floor took me out of my worry trance. The door slid open, revealing a Geppetto-like man, concern written on his apple-doll face. “I’m Dr. Sigmund,” he extended his hand. Roger shook it. I made note to remind him to wash it later. Hospitals are the germiest places. The doctor pulled us to the side of the corridor and spoke in a low voice. “The patient, Miss X, was in a state of hysteria when the police brought her in. We’ve had her sedated for almost a week. She’s not been able to remember who she is.” Roger frowned. “If you keep her zonked, how do you expect her to remember her name?” The doctor shook his head. “The patient is delusional and imagines herself to be Cleopatra. She’s expecting Mark Antony… the Roman… not the singer… to liberate her.” The plot was thickening like a pot of week-old curry. My archaeologist was going to have to take in his archaeologist… leaving me out in the heat. We’d see about that. Roger was sweating, his pupils looked very small. Sigmund put his arm under Roger’s. “Don’t pass out on me, son.” “He’s had a rough patch the last few days,” I said, wondered if he was having a delayed reaction to the truth serum or if he really cared that much about Miss Dingbat. “Darcy’s a diagnosed schizophrenic,” Roger said. “She takes a couple of medications to keep her rational. We have reason to believe she was given truth serum just before her disappearance.” The doctor looked stunned. “What fool did that? The drug interaction could have caused her memory loss and illogical behavior.” He studied Roger as if appraising him. “Are you sure you can handle her? She’s a zaftig lady. It took three orderlies to pin her to the bed.” Roger shot him a disgusted look. Sigmund caught it. “We can release her to you since you say she has no family and you are her close friend. When I told… Darcy – and may I ask her last name?” “Bone. Darcy Bone.” “When I told Miss Bone you were coming, she seemed to brighten at your name, but she still doesn’t know her own.” We followed Sigmund into a room at the end of the hall. It was painted a soft shade of blue. The bed linens were the same color, as were the gauzy curtains on the windows. Even the air in the room felt blue. Spa-like meditation music was playing in the background. Darcy, wearing a sky blue robe with the edge of a nightie showing at her kneecaps, sat in a chair by the window. She looked rested and happy as she flashed a brilliant smile at Roger. “I knew you’d find me!” she said as she stood and wobble-walked into his arms. Her mane of shoulder length hair was in perfect blow-dry style, her nails manicured. I wondered if the asylum had a beauty salon. “I remember!” she said into his shoulder. “I’m Darcy Bone! I’m a brilliant archaeologist!” That’s when I knew the rat was hiding in the bag. I just needed to shake it. I leaned on the edge of the nightstand to steady myself. It was a tender moment, enough to piss anyone off. I locked eyes with Darcy. She stuck her tongue out at me. Looking uncomfortable, Roger pulled away from her. He glanced at me. I gave him the blankest look I could muster. Sigmund tugged on Roger’s sleeve. “Dr. Jolley, come to my office. There are some forms you must sign to take custody of Miss Bone.” “I’ll stay here with Darcy. Help her get ready to leave,” I said. Roger shot me a quizzical look. “Are you sure?” “Positive.” I smiled. As soon as the door closed behind Roger and Sigmund, Darcy plotzed down into her chair. It was time to lure the rat out of the bag. “It will be lovely to have you stay with us. The guest room is all yours.” I grinned as I lied. “We’ll put a television in your room. Maybe get you a hospital bed. Of course, you’ll be confined to the flat, so we’ll put your all clothes in storage. Perhaps get you some comfy pajamas. Ooo! I’d love to help you bleach your hair.” Darcy’s blue eyes turned green as they bent into a hellacious glare. She had the mien of an angry elephant prodded with a bull hook. One more button to push and she was going down. “I apologize in advance for the noises you’ll hear. Roger and I have been having wild monkey-sex, and I know it’s going to continue,” I lied a tiny bit more. Darcy’s eyes went into a spin, much as they had that first day we met. She growled and leaped forward, coming at me with her red-nailed hands aimed for my neck. I yanked open the door and ran into the corridor. She chased after me, her bare feet making an obscene slapping sound on the tile floor. I howled as she jumped on my back bringing me down. She pulled my hair while I struggled to scratch some part of her. Roger and Dr. Sigmund came running. Two male nurses appeared and dragged her off me. I oomphed as I struggled to get the air back in my lungs. Dr. Sigmund shook his head. “I can’t release Miss Bone in this condition. Perhaps being off the medicine for her schizophrenia has unhinged her.” Roger looked relieved. “I wouldn’t want to be responsible for her actions.” I bit the inside of my lip to keep from grinning. :)
  4. Thank you for the fun post. I love creating cat fights between my characters. I have two ladies who continually clash. Most of it is verbal and is very therapeutic... for me. :)