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  1. Hi Steh, I tried to contact you this afternoon, but I'm not sure if you got it.  I cannot reply to comments on The Last Waltz.  When I hit 'quote' within the comment box, they all go back to the same comment made by Monica on 4/27 and not the comment that I'm trying to respond to.  I don't know if it's just me or if everyone is having this problem. Can you try to see if you can fix this?


    Thank you,


    1. psantarsiero


      Hi Again, Steph,  I think it's fixed now.  I'll let you know if it happens again.!  Thanks!

  2. I'm only just now seeing your blog. It looks so interesting! Lots to explore in the next few days :) Thanks for sharing it with us!
  3. Going on vacation for 2wks. I'm seriously behind on chapter updates, sorry authors! Hopefully I can read some while I'm gone, if not, I'll see you 2 wks :)

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    2. StephH


      Tomorrow can't come soon enough. Besides going to see some awesome stuff, we'll get to see family. Being in the military we don't get be around extended family often. It's kind of a novelty to the kids that they experience once a year.

    3. Susan Kaye

      Susan Kaye

      I remember wrangling our vacations when Bill and I were in the Air Force. It can be a logistics nightmare. But so satisfying when you TRIUMPH!! Have a great vacay, StephH.

    4. MarcyO


      THank you for your comment. Hope you have a wonderful vacation. Looking forward to hearing all about it on BeyondAusten.

  4. Lots to read today: A Taste of Wormwood & Just To Hear 'I Love You'. What's on your reading list?

  5. Banter, dialogue, etc that's the scariest part for me when I've attempted to write. I stress way too much on it.
  6. Geez you had me on the edge of my seat reading this. What an intense experience. A good example of how everyone's body reacts differently. That's why it can be difficult for doctors to diagnose a problem. Sometimes it's hard to have that understanding when you're the patient. I know I've been frustrated a time or two. I'm glad your first doctor didn't make assumptions and sent you in for tests.
  7. What's on your reading list for today? I will be reading the next chapter of Darcy By Any Other Name :)

  8. I'm reading The Trouble With Horse. What are you reading today?

  9. I know what you mean. When I had eye surgery I wasn't allowed to lift anything over 10 pounds. The doc said a gallon of milk was what I should base it on.
  10. This definitely puts things in perspective. I'm glad you are willing to share your story. Maybe it will help someone in a similar situation. I'm happy you are taking your recovery seriously. :)
  11. LoL I don't mind spoilers either. I kind of like them sometimes. My husband kind of gets frustrated with me when I keep asking him what's going to happen. For me, knowing what's going to happen doesn't take the joy out of it. Movies/books I can watch/read them over and over and love it just as much as the first time.
  12. I know I will be missing out on some great story if I don't read it. You can't have that many books full of a story without it having some wonderful moments. I appreciate you both supporting BAC and I want to support by commenting. :) As far as the spoiler goes, it's a bbcode. [ spoiler ] type what you want [ / spoiler ] minus the spaces. The blog has a condensed toolbar but on regular comments you can find the icon on the top of the toolbar, third one in. It's in between the clear format icon and the font drop down. If you hover over it, it says special bbcode.
  13. This is so great! I'm looking forward to reading the rest.
  14. 15 years! Wow! Congratulations! Look at all those pages. It really is a monstrous book. :)