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  1. I can see your previous message now. We don't allow the use of the F word on this site. It's a family-friendly, all ages welcome, site. My sister and I are school teachers, and our students follow us here.


    Please read the mission statement and author standards.


    If you have a story that is in agreement with those, we will be happy to have you post with us.



  2. Hello. I'm an admin. How can I help you?

  3. I think there is a mistake in Ch. 24. When Darcy and Bingley go out riding and meet Mr. Bennet it is their second day of riding and it is Wens, yet in Ch 25 it says it is Tuesday.  Love this Robin, you are so gifted!!!! I'll need 2 copies when this goes up for sale. Your CDO friend, Terri

  4. That FB account is a fake.

    1. rainbowpromise


      I have been having a lot of trouble with "hot" guys on FB lately so I am really low on trust.

    2. Robin Helm

      Robin Helm

      Very wise. Two or three fake men try to friend me daily on FB. I look at the page, and if it doesn't look like a real person, I delete the request.

  5. Enjoyed it so far, can't wait for more!! 


    Thank you

    1. Robin Helm

      Robin Helm

      I'm so glad you're enjoying my story! Thanks for letting me know.



  6. Well Darcy really has a dilemma in this one. I'm hoping he doesn't take the easy way out and give into temptation. I want to see him work for what he gets in this case and win back Elizabeth's love. Nothing like a bit of Hunsford to make a man grovel. Can't wait to see which way things go in the next post. Thanks Robin. 

  7. Sorry Robin, I'm pretty bad with new tech. I  like the new look but I couldn't figure out how to comment. Jen

    1. Robin Helm

      Robin Helm

      Click on the link at the end of the post under HERE:


      It looks weird, but it works.

  8. Thanks, Sarah! I should put more blog posts on here. There's only so much time in a day.
  9. You had me at COLIN FIRTH!
  10. Wonderful post! About four years ago when my Navy daughter was going to miss her first Christmas at home, she asked me to box up her childhood ornaments and mail them to her. Sadly, the post office took four months to deliver them (from South Carolina to California), but at least they were not completely lost.
  11. AND, he is humble. lol
  12. I have a hard time with this. If someone compliments me on a children's program, I usually say, "You can work only with what you're given. These children are SO talented." I don't know why compliments make me uncomfortable. On the other hand, if I'm complimented on losing weight, I have NO humility. I grin from ear to ear and preen. It's ridiculous. I need to find the happy medium. I think she's hiding behind the palm reading sign.
  13. Tried all that. I still like to eat too much.
  14. Great post. I'd rather have no apology at all than one that blames me for whatever the other person did. "I'm sorry I hit you, but I wouldn't have done it if you hadn't . . . ." Just don't apologize if that's the best you can do.
  15. A self date! What a fabulous idea! I SO deserve it.