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  3. The final chapter of As Only Mr. Darcy Can just posted. It will be here only through SEPTEMBER 24, 2020, so be sure to enjoy it while you can.

    October 13 is the release day. Exciting times!

  4. Chapter 26 of As Only Mr. Darcy Can is up for you in Long Stories. Our villain gets what is coming to him, sure enough!

  5. Hello, everyone!! I'm far away from home at my daughter's house visiting with her and my grandbabies. My grandson's birthday will be Saturday, and I'm decorating the cupcakes and making jello shapes and colored ice stars. I'll be back Monday! In the meantime, have fun reading!


  6. Chapter 25 of As Only Mr. Darcy Can is waiting for you in Long Stories. The end is close now, friends. But not quite yet.

  7. I'm pushing hard against the school year, friends. Chapter 24 of As Only Mr. Darcy Can is now up in the Long Stories forum. What fun to see Wickham's trap so nicely baited.

  8. Just up, Chapter 23 of As Only Mr. Darcy Can. You'll find it in Long Stories.

    September is almost here, yikes! I should have Chapter 24 posted soon. Happy reading!

  9. Chapter 22 of So This is Love is now up in Long Stories. Who is worse? Lady Catherine? Or Mr. Collins? 


  10. Chapter 21 of As Only Mr. Darcy Can is up for your enjoyment. Oh boy! Two villains!


  11. Chapter 21 of As Only Mr. Darcy Can is up for your enjoyment. Oh boy! Two villains!

  12. I just found this story and I am  so happy I did. I Loved it. Thank you for your writing and hope that I will see more of your work.


  13. I am seriously enjoying the new story!! Hopefully you can keep writing and sharing your gift with us for many more years to come! 

  14. I hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with laughter.  It may be your birthday but you gave us the gift of all your lovely stories!  I hope you keep writing for many more wonderful years.  

  15. its so good to see you again.  Ithink of you often.  I still remember and appreciate your kindness to me many years ago by sharing the Gypsy Blessing with me.  Looking forward to enjoying your new story.



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