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  2. Gracias por esta historia tan interesante que estás tejiendo, espero atentamente  cada publicación😍 

    1. BeverleeS


      Gracias! No hablo bien espanol, pero estoy aprendiendo y puedo entender pocito. :-) 
      Yo estaba de vacaciones, pero estoy a casa ahora, y voy a escribir mas. 
      (Did I do that right????)

    2. gracie


      Sí, muy bien! lo único para revisar  es "poquito" en vez de "pocito", pero es es difícil... Gracias de nuevo por la historia y por responder en mi idioma😍

    3. BeverleeS


      De nada! Me gusta aprender idiomas nuevas, y me gusta mucho practicar. No tengo amigos aqui que hablen espanol, solo frances. Espanol es una idioma bonita.

  3. This is a fabulous take on the Mr. Darcy's personality and I hope you write quickly!!!  This should definitely be published - I would purchase.


    1. BeverleeS


      Thanks so much!

      Don't worry - This story is already complete and just waiting to be posted. I'll be posting fairly regularly, with a few blips for when I'm out of town. I'll see what sort of feedback I get but I hope to publish it before too long. Enjoy. 

  4. Can't wait for your next chapter.

    1. D.M. Hadsen

      D.M. Hadsen

      I'm glad you're enjoying the story! 🙂  Chapter 10 is posted! 😄  

      Chapter 11 will be up in a week or two, as well!

  5. Hi, LoriH. I can move the Unintentional to long stories, if  you wish. Or, you can do it so that you can set up your topic however you like.


    So glad that you're posting again!



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    2. Robin Helm

      Robin Helm

      Let me try it, Lori.

    3. Robin Helm

      Robin Helm

      All done, check it out and let me know if something isn't right.


      Glad to have you here!



    4. lsa


       Really enjoying your story thank you for posting! I tried to leave a comment in the thread but couldn’t find the link so this will have to do. Looking forward to your next update! 


  6. I really don't want to seem greedy, but I am!!  I am checking practically every hour to see if we have an update on Elizabeth and Patrick.  You dropped the "mike" at such a critical point, and I am so very impatient.  You know some of us are not buying green bananas or long playing records anymore...

    I also know that you have a life beyond this, BUT....  

    Thank you and have a wonderful safe Thanksgiving.

    1. Laura Hile

      Laura Hile

      Hiya Doris,


      Thank you, sincerely, for your interest! I did kind of end the book in an exciting place.


      On purpose ...


      Without remorse ...


      So let's see. Right now I've got a book launch going on (A Very Austen Christmas) and I'm teaching too. And hosting Thanksgiving. Let me get through the next four or five days. (My poor house is in desperate need of cleaning! :) I can begin putting up posts of The Lady Must Decide beginning on, let's say, Monday.


      How's that?:th_whew:Originally I was not planning to post all three books. Now that I think about it, doing so will help me to move the republication process along. Plus, you all  can help me spot typos. Moreover, your excitement for the story is infectious. So we all win.


      Beware, The Lady Must Decide won't be up for very long. In fact, I'm almost ready to take down So Lively a Chase. :smileyheart-1:

    2. Doris


      a million times thank you.  All I can do is send you my virtual cleaning lady, to help with your domestic chores.  Her name is Sophie and she has been with me for years.  Awfully nice, she'll agree with most things and keep you company while you do the chores, so things get done faster.  When you are done with her please send her back.  I'm so excited, cannot wait until Monday!!!  Yeah!!! 

      I wish you and your loved ones a blessed Thanksgiving.

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