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  2. Chapter 5 of Maestro is up!


  3. Chapter 1 of Step Lively!, my Christmastime novella, is up. Enjoy!

  4. Thank you all for  your patience. I have edited the timeline and Italian in the first 3 chapters of Maestro. I plan to post at least once a week now - more if I can write that quickly.


  5. Hi, Rose. If you would like an author banner, feel free to email me the book images you want to appear on said banner.




    1. Aureader


      Oh, I didn't even think about updating my profile and stuff yet! I can make it myself if you tell me the dimensions. 

  6. Still working on my Maestro update!

  7. If you like an ogre-ish Mr. Darcy, you'll love Chapter 2 of In League With Mr. Darcy.

  8. It's summertime! After a long, very unusual teaching year, I'm back at work with writing. Chapter 1 of In League With Mr. Darcy is up in Long Stories. Enjoy!


  9. Hi, everyone! New or updated stories will be available very soon.

  10. Hello, all. Sorry I've been out so long. Too much going on in real life. I'll start posting again soon.


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