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  3. I just found this story and I am  so happy I did. I Loved it. Thank you for your writing and hope that I will see more of your work.


  4. I am seriously enjoying the new story!! Hopefully you can keep writing and sharing your gift with us for many more years to come! 

  5. I hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with laughter.  It may be your birthday but you gave us the gift of all your lovely stories!  I hope you keep writing for many more wonderful years.  

  6. its so good to see you again.  Ithink of you often.  I still remember and appreciate your kindness to me many years ago by sharing the Gypsy Blessing with me.  Looking forward to enjoying your new story.



  7. Missing this story and hoping there will be an update soon!

    1. D.M. Hadsen

      D.M. Hadsen

      Thanks for the encouraging words! It means a lot! I had chapter 22 almost done and then my computer crashed! 😣  It’s Mac, which means there’s no “system restore” option, so I have to start all over and only have a very rough outline. Things have been hectic at work, home, and health wise for me and my family, too, so that definitely hasn’t helped with the rewriting process, either! I’m very sorry to keep everyone waiting - I want to find out what happens with Will and Lizzy, too! 😉

      Happy Tuesday! 🙂

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