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    OMG! What a cliff hanger! You left us hanging at the precipice. We have bloody fingernails from trying not to slipping into oblivion. All the uninvited guests that are now at Darcy House, now the dastardly, deranged Wickham appears bent on total destruction. If only Aunt Catherine's cane whipped the arm the gun was in, dropped it to the ground, firing at the floor. Nobody but Wickham deserves to die - not even Lady Catherine.
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    Love, love, love. Brilliant writing and story. Wickham's exploding gun hair raising ending was spectacular and self induced - death by laudanum overdose to counteract the pain - his whole ending was priceless. Thank you for your stories.
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    This is so good. Wickham needs to die! He's a threat to everyone related to Darcy. Yeah for Lydia for sharing needful information. Heel on top of his instep, knuckles at his Adam's apple, she should have made it a trifecta - hardy knee kick in groin.