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  1. I hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with laughter.  It may be your birthday but you gave us the gift of all your lovely stories!  I hope you keep writing for many more wonderful years.  

  2. My participation here will be spotty for a long while. My mother has cancer surgery on Oct 5. Radiation should be in Nov. I will be driving mountain roads in snow conditions. Something I have never done before. This is one of those years where I wish I had someone to do things for me.

  3. I am alive! And this is my first day back on-line. I arrived in California Sunday night and woke up Monday with the stomach flu. So that's where I've been for days...on the sofa, in bed, or sitting outside with lovely ocean breeze, drinking in the sun. Oh well. I'll be home Friday night. I'm sorry to skip a week, not intentional. (Now I feel bad for poor Mr Bennet.)

  4. The Gypsy Blessing is a finalist in the "I Heart Indie" cover & blurb contest!

    1. Wendi


      Thanks! It was judged by Historical genre book clubs. The final round is ranked by a literary agent.

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