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  1. That FB account is a fake.

    1. rainbowpromise


      I have been having a lot of trouble with "hot" guys on FB lately so I am really low on trust.

    2. Robin Helm

      Robin Helm

      Very wise. Two or three fake men try to friend me daily on FB. I look at the page, and if it doesn't look like a real person, I delete the request.

  2. Woo hoo! Faster and better!

  3. My participation here will be spotty for a long while. My mother has cancer surgery on Oct 5. Radiation should be in Nov. I will be driving mountain roads in snow conditions. Something I have never done before. This is one of those years where I wish I had someone to do things for me.

    1. SandyC


      Will be keeping your mom and you in my thoughts and prayers.

    2. Wendi
    3. Laura Hile

      Laura Hile

      I will be praying for your mom's surgery on Monday.

  4. Planning to get away for a few days so I posted the birthdays ahead.

  5. Now I have something in common with Bruce Banner.

    1. Susan Kaye

      Susan Kaye

      I have those BIG bouts of anger as well. Just take a deep breath and count to three. I don't turn green though. Hope you are the same.

    2. rainbowpromise


      I'm good now. After all the water I drank yesterday, I've flushed most of the radioactive substance through my system.

    3. Susan Kaye

      Susan Kaye

      Yay! Back to nightlights.

  6. Just about healthy again.

    1. Laura Hile

      Laura Hile

      Yay! Excellent news!

  7. Empty-headed day. I think I have a man-flu.

  8. Rest till Monday. Okay, so I have a kid's ministry event today and a leader's training tomorrow. It's still rest.

  9. I confess. I mowed one third of the back yard today. It was tough because most of it is at least a foot tall.

  10. Started an exercise program today. 10 reps of 8 exercises.

  11. Upped my walk this morning. Won't allow myself to do less that 1.5 miles.

  12. I guess Muga is nothing like cuppa.

  13. Married 37 years today. Not feeling like celebrating at all.

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    2. BarbaraSilkstone


      Got the picture! That's why girlfriends can be such treasures. Hugs!

    3. Laura Hile

      Laura Hile

      Nothing like a good friend. You've been through a lot lately. I hope you had a good evening.

    4. rainbowpromise


      Thanks for the hugs, Barbara. Thanks, Laura.

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