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    Beaverton, Oregon
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    Well, let's see ...

    I was raised in a sailing family, but have no boat.

    I enjoy choral singing, but my church has a praise band now.

    I also like gardening, although my house sits atop what must have been a gravel pit. (Good luck with that, right?)

    And, being a hopeless idealist, I teach at a Christian school...for rather less money. So writing is both my hobby and my retirement plan!

    Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. If you are reading Darcy By Any Other Name, I need to let you know that tonight's post could be delayed until Sunday. I am riding the rails this weekend---a great place to work, but Internet access can be sketchy. Sorry!

    1. Laroo25


      What does this mean riding the rails? I'm curious. And I look forward to Sunday!

    2. FitzLiz


      Ahem, Sunday has come and gone. Your addicts are desperate for their fix.

    3. Laroo25


      That's right!

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