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    Well, let's see ...

    I was raised in a sailing family, but have no boat.

    I enjoy choral singing, but my church has a praise band now.

    I also like gardening, although my house sits atop what must have been a gravel pit. (Good luck with that, right?)

    And, being a hopeless idealist, I teach at a Christian school...for rather less money. So writing is both my hobby and my retirement plan!

    Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Home at last! My long train journey became even longer when the Napa earthquake hit and all train traffic was halted. But we had power, so I wrote another chapter.

    1. Susan Kaye

      Susan Kaye


    2. Laura Hile

      Laura Hile

      We'll see how much rewriting it needs, ha!

    3. Laura Hile

      Laura Hile

      Well...and then I came down with the stomach flu. So, back in the saddle now, prepping my classroom for students.

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