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    Beaverton, Oregon
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    Well, let's see ...

    I was raised in a sailing family, but have no boat.

    I enjoy choral singing, but my church has a praise band now.

    I also like gardening, although my house sits atop what must have been a gravel pit. (Good luck with that, right?)

    And, being a hopeless idealist, I teach at a Christian school...for rather less money. So writing is both my hobby and my retirement plan!

    Thanks for stopping by.
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About Me

It began with the Internet. And Jane Austen.

Talk about an unlikely combination!

Jane Austen’s Persuasion provided the inspiration as I wrote and posted serialized stories. To keep readers coming back for more, I developed my signature style: intertwined plots, cliffhangers, and laugh-out-loud humor.

Romcom Regency, anyone?

The comedy I come by in my job as a teacher—there’s never a dull moment with teens!

These days I have a new comic novel in the works.


New for summer 2019 at Beyond Austen is So This is Love. This romantic adventure features Charlotte Lucas of Pride and Prejudice, James Moreland and the Allens of Northanger Abbey, and the dashing Captain Jack Blunt.  


In case you are wondering, As Only A Woman Can is on the back burner this summer. Too many irons in the fire, alas.

In case you’re wondering, my fiction is for everyone, even teens.

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