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  1. This is such a good story. Am anxious to see how you hang Wickham with his own perfidy. Beginning to envision the knotted rope around his neck drawn tighter than a cravat! Caroline needs to be set down to permanently remove her from any decent society. Maybe strangled by a cravat! Then, there is Lady Catherine: maybe her brother will finally shut her up. The three evils of Darcy's world. May they RIP. Death is the only solution for all three or transportation to Australia on a leaking ship out of sight of land. Love the newspaper article and cartoon. Wickham's treachery is now exposed and hopefully he is caught quickly. Also, hopefully Lady Catherine doesn't know about Georgiana. I can see Wickham's plan of treachery in exposing her to Darcy's wicked aunt and using it as a blackmail attempt. Lord Matlock better be behind his niece and nephew. Cannot wait for your next chapters. 

    1. Jdawnking


      Thank you so much for your comment. What I will reveal is that all three will get what is coming to them in a very Fitzwilliam Darcy manner. Hugs! I need to type.

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