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About Me

Hi, thanks for stopping by my profile. My name is Bryony, I'm twenty-four years old. I currently live in London, UK but am originally from Portsmouth, UK. I have three children, aged five, three and six months and I currently am studying my third year of my bachelor's degree in health and social care, which I study part time. I'm hoping to do a masters degree once I graduate and will hopefully become a social worker or educational psychologist. 


Ever since I was five, I've enjoyed writing and reading. There was never a moment when I would be reading at a family party or reading on the bus to school. I wrote my first original story at the age of thirteen but I never published. In 2013, I started writing at fanfiction.net, where I will admit that I have a huge love for Harry Potter. I've also dabbled in the Game of Thrones/A song of ice and fire by George RR Martin and most recently I've wrote a few stories on Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. So my literary tastes differ but the most important thing is that I love a good story. 


Most recently, one of my stories for Pride and Prejudice, called Autumn Changes, was stolen by a 'fan' and she decided to rework it and claim it as her own, and might I add she didn't do a very good job. This user has put a halt to my plans to publish Autumn Changes and I've decided to move my work to a better moderated site. 


I will state this, all of my stories are copyrighed for Pride and Prejudice, the story idea, the title, chapter content, original characters etc all belong to me. What doesn't belong to me are the characters of Miss Austen's creation, I just use them for my own imagination. But anything else that is otherwise unrelated to the original story, are mine. I will take legal action otherwise. 


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