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  1. Chapter 5 of Maestro is up!


  2. Thank you all for  your patience. I have edited the timeline and Italian in the first 3 chapters of Maestro. I plan to post at least once a week now - more if I can write that quickly.


  3. Hi, Rose. If you would like an author banner, feel free to email me the book images you want to appear on said banner.




    1. Aureader


      Oh, I didn't even think about updating my profile and stuff yet! I can make it myself if you tell me the dimensions. 

  4. Still working on my Maestro update!

  5. Hi, everyone! New or updated stories will be available very soon.

  6. Hello, all. Sorry I've been out so long. Too much going on in real life. I'll start posting again soon.


  7. Hello, everyone!! I'm far away from home at my daughter's house visiting with her and my grandbabies. My grandson's birthday will be Saturday, and I'm decorating the cupcakes and making jello shapes and colored ice stars. I'll be back Monday! In the meantime, have fun reading!


  8. Hi, LoriH. I can move the Unintentional to long stories, if  you wish. Or, you can do it so that you can set up your topic however you like.


    So glad that you're posting again!



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    2. Robin Helm

      Robin Helm

      Let me try it, Lori.

    3. Robin Helm

      Robin Helm

      All done, check it out and let me know if something isn't right.


      Glad to have you here!



    4. lsa


       Really enjoying your story thank you for posting! I tried to leave a comment in the thread but couldn’t find the link so this will have to do. Looking forward to your next update! 


  9. I can see your previous message now. We don't allow the use of the F word on this site. It's a family-friendly, all ages welcome, site. My sister and I are school teachers, and our students follow us here.


    Please read the mission statement and author standards.


    If you have a story that is in agreement with those, we will be happy to have you post with us.



  10. Hello. I'm an admin. How can I help you?

  11. That FB account is a fake.

    1. rainbowpromise


      I have been having a lot of trouble with "hot" guys on FB lately so I am really low on trust.

    2. Robin Helm

      Robin Helm

      Very wise. Two or three fake men try to friend me daily on FB. I look at the page, and if it doesn't look like a real person, I delete the request.

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