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About Me

Where to start... I'm a tad boring. Hubby averages about sixteen days/month out of country with his job. I fill my hours with baking, reading, writing and attend a few bible studies through the week. Although I adore the Food Network, I can go for days without turning on the TV, which drives the cat crazy because now he hears everything outside and stands guard at the window. You never know when a stray leaf may attack.


I worked in the financial industry for over twenty years, then gathered my courage and left to join the London Police Service as a civilian member. I retired in June 2015 from the very busy Human Resources Branch and look forward to the day hubby joins me. Come on December 31, 2020! I'm active on social media and I invite you to find me on Facebook, Twitter, or visit my Blog.


Always with love,

Sue B





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