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    I am a Jill of all trades. I love reading all sorts of genres though JAFF and fantasy are my especial favorites and I read several books a day since I am a fast reader. I enjoy doing all sorts of different crafts when the mood strikes me and the kids and cats cooperate to let me finish something ;) I have a husband, 3 teenagers and 4 cats so it is never dull around my house and I never know what will happen next. My books and my music are as necessary as breathing and I love finding new authors and artists to brighten my spirits. Sarcasm is my second language
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  1. I am seriously enjoying the new story!! Hopefully you can keep writing and sharing your gift with us for many more years to come! 

  2. I hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with laughter.  It may be your birthday but you gave us the gift of all your lovely stories!  I hope you keep writing for many more wonderful years.  

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