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    Pride and Prejudice sequels, attend regency events in England, classic music, theater and love to sing
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About Me

I am a young authoress, just starting out in my writing work, though I have been writing on fanfiction for close to four years, and in the progress of writing my first novel.

I live in Copenhagen, and is finding my job path besides my writing, while I enjoy trips to my beloved Bath, where I attend annually at the Jane Austen Festival, where I love to dance and attend balls with my friends.

I love to listen to classical music and musicals, I also like to attend the theater, and I love to learn and dance regency dances, though one of my private passions are singing.

Presently I am working on my blog, www. Interestsofajaneaustengirl.wordpress.com - where I am writing of my Austen adventures both past and present. Do go and visit it